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We teach transcendental Meditation courses at the weekends and during the week. Times are flexible. A course consists of four sessions on four consecutive days. Each session lasts between
1.5 – 2 hours. There is an optional six month follow up programme that is included in the course fee.

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Dr. Bharat Rawat MD DM FAPSIC FACC FSCAI ;Senior Consultant Cardiologist; Head , Department Of Cardiology at Norvic International Hospital, Kathmandu , Nepal

Every day I see many patients who come with fluctuating Blood pressure , palpitations and other symptoms for which I am not able to find any reason despite extensive and expensive investigations. During this struggle I got to know about TM . After experiencing the benefits on myself i introduced to my family and now it became a ritual in our house and we enjoy doing TM together.I also suggested many of my patients about TM and Many of them have come back to me thanking me for the right guidance. Their sleep became better and stress related symptoms and even Bp readings were better. Many of these patients who would have needed Bp drugs are now fine without any medicines. Now I am convinced that not few but all patients and why just patients, all of us, should take the benefit of TM.It takes nothing just 15 min twice a day but the advantages are huge.Lets not wait for the study however as benefits are very evident and side effects are none.